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Image Optimization

Image optimization refers to the processes that are designed to deliver images with the smallest possible file sizes without compromising their visual qualities.

These processes are mainly utilized with the aims of reducing the sizes of the images, making the images easier to store and retrieve, and enabling them to be modified with ease, among others.

We have the tools necessary to do the best job. Moreover, we are also familiar with the various image

optimization techniques which we are going to explain hereunder:

Image Optimization Techniques

Image Compression

This is by far the most significant of all the image optimization techniques. It basically entails reducing the size of the image so as to let it fit the limited storage space available. This is accomplished by several tactics and techniques.


These include conversion from raster to vector and the use of zip files, among others. This compression lets your images occupy a limited amount of space possible without sacrificing the overall quality thereof.

Alteration of Image Format

Some storage formats are not reliable. They are mainly those that are designed to safeguard the raster images such as .bmp, .jpg, .jpeg and .png respectively. They have to be converted to more reliable formats such as those of the vector formats. These include the .ai and .eps, among others.


Optimizing the images also incorporates some kind of altering their storage formats. Such an alteration is necessary as it aids in the saving, modifying, and interpretation thereof.

Utilization of Progressive JPEG

In case the images are to be utilized on the internet platform, they have to be converted to a friendlier format. Perhaps no other format is handy and relevant for the job than the progressive JPEG. These images are highly responsive and clearly legible than their ordinary counterparts.


Optimization also entails the conversion of images into and the utilization of the said format. This leads to greater experiences and an overall surge in the quality of the images.

Optimization of Image Delivery

It is one thing to capture an image, it is yet another thing to make the image accessible whenever and wherever it may be needed. For an image to be worthwhile, it has to be easier to deliver to the targeted sources. This is where the various image delivery tactics come in handy.


Optimization of images also involves some forms of enhancing their delivery. These include the use of the right formats, making the images simpler to engage, and hindering its access while in transit.

Usage of Image Sitemaps

Sitemaps aid in the navigation of sites and storage spaces. They provide a rough overview of the said spaces and also make it possible to access certain portions by use of shortcuts rather than having to do so manually. Optimization of images also incorporates the extensive use of sitemaps.


These mainly come in the forms of hyperlinks and other access shortcuts. In some instances, some brief commentaries or captions may accompany the links.

Optimization of Thumbnails

Thumbnails give us a peek into the images altogether. They are basically shortcuts or previews of images. No optimization of images is complete without the optimization of the thumbnails. This is necessary for the same reason as that of optimizing images as explained above.


It mainly saves time and effort while accessing the stored images. This is mainly done by way of cutting the thumbnails to desired shapes and sizes besides making them clearly legible.

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