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Raster to Vector

Raster images are the very basic forms of images that are in existence today. It entails the use of arrays of pixels to display images. The edges of such images are rough and blurred. Moreover, the images cannot be magnified indefinitely as this may compromise the quality of the final image.

Vector images, on the other hand, utilize two-dimensional points such as curves and lines to define images. The images are smooth and sharp. They can be magnified indefinitely without compromising the quality of the final outcome. We can seamlessly convert your images from raster to vector.

Significance of Raster-to-Vector

Less Disk Space

On the whole, vector images take up less disk space compared to the raster images. This is because it compresses images in order for them to take as the least possible space. By reason of this, you will have the freedom and space to safeguard the contents.


You will also not have to acquire extra secondary storage devices to accommodate extra contents. You may, therefore, consider leveraging this technique to save yourself the need for huge storage space requirements.

Unhindered Scalability

As stated, vector images do not lose their shapes and forms when magnified as do the raster images. On the contrary, they retain their smooth shapes, curves, and overall great appearance. You can, therefore, magnify them indefinitely without ever worrying about their sizes and quality.


This is not to mention that they do also reveal those minute details that are unnoticed by naked eyes under normal circumstances. This is yet another incentive to convert from images from raster to vectors.

Simpler Saving and Modification

In all, vector images can be saved and modified much easier than raster images. They take less time to save courtesy of taking up less disk space. Moreover, they may also be modified with ease by reason of comprising reliable composition and structure.


By converting images from raster to vector, you get to make them easier for subsequent modifications later. This is a technique you definitely want to make use of if you are a graphics designer or lover of images.

The simplicity of Creating the Images

Other than being simple to save and modify, vector images are also simpler to create. As stated, these images are the latest the field of information technology has to offer. They are as such designed to be as simple and convenient as possible to generate and modify.


This is yet another incentive to convert your images from raster to vector. You will truly enjoy the convenience of expedited handling and modifications. Why would you even want to think of hesitating to leverage the benefits of this wonderful resource?

In light of the above, we take our time to listen to the concerns of each of our client and thereafter adopt strategies that are tailored to the solution of their personal problems and concerns. Because of this, all our clients enjoy their encounter with us and obtain greater satisfaction from the services we offer. What are you waiting for? Call us now for all your photo editing services. We are on standby and very eager to assist you right soonest possible!

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