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Shadow Creation

Images are normally captured at various times of the day. You certainly would want your targeted audience to interpret them perfectly well. This is why you have to see to it that you let them know what time of day you captured the image. The shadow creation technique lets you do this well.

It basically entails the introduction of dark reflections at the base of the captured images. These reflections are to give a sense of shadows to the image.

Types of Shadows


Shadow Making

Natural Shadow

This kind of shadow closely mirrors that which the object would have had in its natural setting. It is an exact replica of the image with the only difference being the location and direction thereof. Its total length is as close to that which the image would have had in reality also. It mainly comes in when you want to confer a sense of reality while interpreting the images.

Drop Shadow

Drop shadow is a kind of visual effect which entails drawing an element that closely resembles the shadow of the said object. The two i.e. the object and the ‘shadow’ are superimposed in such a way as to make the main object appear to be raised above the ‘shadow.’ The type of shadow is mainly used for aesthetics and enhancements purposes. We have the means to create the perfect one for your liking.


Shadow Making


Shadow Making

Reflection Shadow

As the name suggests, this form of shadow is a mirror reflection of an existing object. The ‘shadow’ so generated has the same dimensions as the original object. They only differ in the direction of existence. This is because the two objects lie in the opposite ends of an imaginary axis that cuts right through them. It is mainly used while creating mirror images and further image enhancement undertakings.

Principles of Shadow Creation

While creating shadows, several issues have to be got right. The failure to get these issues right may interfere with the quality of the final outcome. The following are some of those things we have identified and always make a point of getting right:

Time of Day

As stated, images are captured at various times of the day. As you already know, the time of day an image is captured has a bearing on the length and direction of shadows. Images that are captured in the morning and evening and longer. They point further away from the sun. Those captured at midday, on the other hand, are shorter and are directionless. We pay keen attention to this as well.


For a shadow to bring about the desired outcomes, it has to appear as natural as possible. For this to happen, it must point to the right direction, have the right size, and reflect along the right axis.


We are well aware of these requirements. This is why in our endeavor to generate these shadows; we take good care of them. Our images do not at all appear surreal or completely out of place at all.

Capture the Viewer’s Attention

Lastly, shadows are not merely created for decorative purposes. They are intended to showcase certain details to an observer. This is why deliberate efforts have to be made to see to it that they indeed live true to their expectations.


Once more our team of experts has the means and skill needed to achieve this feat as well. In their creation of shadows, they make every effort to capture the attention of the viewers as much as possible.

In light of the above, we take our time to listen to the concerns of each of our client and thereafter adopt strategies that are tailored to the solution of their personal problems and concerns. Because of this, all our clients enjoy their encounter with us and obtain greater satisfaction from the services we offer. What are you waiting for? Call us now for all your photo editing services. We are on standby and very eager to assist you right soonest possible!

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